Joel Freeman with Historic Items From His Rosetta Stone Collection

Joel Freeman speaks all over the world on various topics (leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, diversity...) to many different organizations.

In this video, Joel Freeman is on a Canadian TV program providing an overview of some of the historic pieces from his Rosetta Stone History Collection. The finding of the Rosetta Stone was one of the most important and intriguing artifacts of the last three centuries.

The Rosetta Stone (not the language software). Found in 1799 on the west bank of the Nile by French soldier, this 1,700 pound fragment of an ancient slab gave up clues that ultimately cracked the code to hieroglyphics some 23 years later in 1822 -- unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.

A new short film created by The Freeman Institute helps viewers understand the historical & contemporary significance of the famous Rosetta Stone and to learn about the Rosetta Stone Replica Project.

What is the Rosetta Stone? Why is it such an internationally influential artifact? How was it found? Why was it important to crack the code to hieroglyphics?

The answer to these questions will help anyone understand the impact the Rosetta Stone has had upon various aspects of life: cryptology, geology, linguistics, language translations, mathematics, science and IT security.

The Rosetta Stone is much more than a roughly gouged, nicked rock that appears like it was shoved down the side of a mountain -- it is the key to an ancient civilization and a modern symbol of human discovery, conquest, and scholarship.

Over the past year, Executive Producer, Joel Freeman, and Producer/Editor, Elizabeth "E" Harwood, have been working on this film project.

The Rosetta Stone Replica Project has eight different models available for educational institutions, museums, and more.

The Rosetta Classic model is the full-size, 3D replica (45" tall x 30" wide x 11" thick, 95 lbs).

The Hybrid Rosetta model can be utilized as either a coffee table or a stunning piece of art hanging on a wall.

Rosetta Classic is not affiliated with the British Museum, which has not endorsed or sponsored Rosetta Classic, The Freeman Institute Foundation, or the Rosetta Stone Replica Project.


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