The Rosetta Stone of Replicas

Replica Used on Night At The Museum 3

Evidently the "Night At The Museum 3" cast had fun on their UK adventure, with co-star Ben Stiller tweeting this pic of Robins Williams goofing off in costume next to the original Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.
"Saw this guy hanging out by the Rosetta Stone at British Museum last night."

In a USA Today article (July 27, 2014), co-star, Dan Stevens described the surreal scene of having late-night
conversations next to the Rosetta Stone with Robin Williams during night shoot breaks in the museum. Stiller, too, was wowed by having "access to this incredible place that you would just never have a chance to walk around by yourself."

The other photo is of our replica on the Vancouver movie set if the “Night At The Museum 3”.



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