Founder of Rosetta Universe® & President of Freeman Institute® Foundation

Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
  • A Rosetta Stone aficionado, who has actually traveled to the west bank of the Nile where the Rosetta Stone was unearthed.
  • BACKGROUND: Dr. Freeman's interest in the Rosetta Stone was launched in his late teens. As he read about ancient Egypt, his fascination with the history and culture of that region grew. But then he realized that the cracking of the code to the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the Rosetta Stone was the key to unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt, along with becoming the catalyst for launching the soft science of archaeology. That's when he began to hyper focus on the historical drama surrounding this ancient artifact.
  • He has created 8 different models of the Rosetta Stone, along with owning a substantial Rosetta Stone Collection. His replicas are currently exhibited in museums, libraries and personal collections around the world. And one of his Rosetta Stone replicas was on the movie set of "Night At The Museum 3", one of Robin Williams' last movies.
  • Founder, CEO & Chief Mischief Maker of The Freeman Institute®.
  • Edutainment speaker w/travels to 55+ countries.
  • Owns a comprehensive Black History collection with well over 3,000 genuine documents and artifacts (oldest dated 1551).
  • Cofounder & coauthor of Black History 365 curriculum.
  • Off-key singer & extremely bad dancer.
  • Resides in Maryland and South Carolina with his wife, Shirley.



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