Advisory Board Member

Eli Shukron
  • Eli Shukron brings the discipline, insight, and common sense of a seasoned archaeologist, coupled with huge interest in the discovery surrounding the ROSETTA STONE.
  • Eli has co-directed (with Ronny Reich) some of the most important excavations that have taken place in Jerusalem, in particular the City of David.
  • 2004 – excavated the Second Temple period Pool of Siloam.
  • 2007 – excavated an ancient Jerusalem water channel that drained Jerusalem. Among the finds was a rare half-shekel coin, used to pay the Second Temple tax; only seven other such coins have been found in archeological digs.
  • 2009 – uncovered the ancient Jerusalem pilgrim road.
  • 2012 – found a shard from a bulla bearing the name of the city of Bethlehem.
  • 2014 – discovered the legendary Citadel of David.
  • 2022 – with archaeologist, Gershon Galil, discovered a summary inscription in the Siloam tunnel recording the deeds of Hezekiah, including the cutting of the tunnel and giving the date it was completed. An extension of the Siloam inscription was also discovered.



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