Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sir Trevor Carmichael
  • For decades he sat on the Legal Affairs Committee of the International Council of Museums in Paris, France.
  • President of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (35+ years).
  • Owner of Chancery Chambers, a law firm in Barbados with clients, such as: banks and insurance companies, as well as a number of national governments.
  • Panel member for the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes of the World Bank.
  • He serves as international trustee of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is a global program providing personal development opportunities for young people (14 - 25 years of age).

As a former member of the Legal Affairs and Properties Committee of the International Council of Museums in Paris, France, I have seen a lot of museum-related projects over the years. I particularly love the Rosetta Stone Traveling Exhibit project because Dr. Freeman is utilizing a remarkable historical story to help people of all walks of life to better understand the problem-solving process in their everyday lives. I have also served continuously for 35 years as President of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. I am delighted to learn that one of the 5,000 square feet exhibits will ultimately be donated to Barbados. This will assist in providing jobs and also in enhancing tourism.” — Sir Trevor Carmichael



Join us in shaping the future of education and innovation. Your support will make a profound difference in empowering generations through the Rosetta Stone project.

Explore how your contribution will inspire critical thinking and problem-solving skills in tomorrow's solutionist leaders.

Corporations spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. Weeks later, hardly anyone can remember even one ad shown on TV during the last Super Bowl.

I am personally inviting corporations, foundations and individuals to be significant early adopters of this rather unique edu-tainment project.

My promise is that our dedicated team will continue to work hard to make the marketing/branding benefits well worth your while over a sustained 7 years…and beyond.

Let's connect after you have been able to peruse our quick overview. Then call or text me with your questions and/or ideas: 410.991.9718

I am looking forward to our conversation, Joel Freeman