RESOURCES for the Rosetta Stone Project

We are Grateful to All who have Helped With This Project Thus Far

-- 3-D digital model by Direct Dimensions (Michael Raphael & Peter Kennedy).   

-- Initial mold fabrication of face and pedestal base by MAG Fadal (Doug Hawthorne).   

-- Stereo Lithography Technology by 3D Systems (Chris Lewis).  

-- Dan and Janet Champness provided the initial funding for the creation of molds for the replica aspect of this project.

-- Fabrication of all final molds & hand-crafted replicas by-- Mannetron (Tom Kipp & Chris Young).

-- Sculpting the Rosetta Stone look and feel on sides and rear by -- Charlie Wakefield

-- Developing digital face for "Baby Rosetta" model by -- Enterprise (Dan Bondhus) & Curt Fluent

-- Specific type of granodiorite identified by Dr. James Harrell, Prof. Emeritus of Geology, U. of Toledo

-- Development of by Denice Rhodes, President of

-- Metal artisan, Ray Santa...owner and CEO of

-- Dave Saraiva (thanks for the link) at

-- Eugene DeMuro (President) for etching the face of the Classic, Jr. model at Mech-Tronics.

-- Joe Ruiz created the artistic renderings for the traveling exhibit.

-- Joe Decker ( TagBoard) will be providing hastag technology to enhance social media connectivity with exhibit project.

-- Hogan Lovells Law Firm in DC, has provided extensive pro bono legal assistance and guidance for this project.

-- University of Maryland School of Law provided a student (under professor guidance) to provide a legal position for this entire project.

-- David Asheim (President) and team at Guide By Cell