RESOURCES for the Rosetta Stone Project

The Rosetta Stone Replica Project and Marine Corp Intelligence

After 6+ years of R&D, we have developed the world’s first 1:1, a full-size, 3D replica of the Rosetta Stone, available to the general public. This educational project was launched at the Library of Congress and is being accomplished through The Freeman Institute® Foundation. 

One of our replicas was part of the set in the Twentieth Century Fox movie, "Night At The Museum 3"—starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, and others. The movie's plot was set in the British Museum. The leased replica was returned to me, so we can exhibit the actual replica used in the NATM3 movie in this traveling exhibit.
The Freeman Institute® Foundation developed the Rosetta Stone award for the Marine Corps Association and Foundation—awarded to the top linguists in Marine Corps Intelligence. The competition was intense throughout MCI. Google sponsored the creation of the award. This is one of those awards, presented at a formal MCAF banquet in Crystal City, VA.